Who is behind the site?

The site is operated by a group if IT individuals and was created to effectively collect data from different sources and present this in an easy way. We thought that going around trying to find the data from different sources was difficult and time consuming.

Where does all data come from?

We automatically aggregate data from for example SVT, The Public Health Agency and the different regions press services. The automation program checks so atleast 2 sources look similar with regards to the amount of cases etc before the data is published.

Links to sources and other information are then added later manually. They can be seen here.

Data for all patients that has been treated with intensive care is fetched from Svenska Intensivvårdsregistret - SIR.

Why are your numbers higher than the figures from the Public Health Authority?

The Public Health Authority includes only data gathered before 11.30 each day. Our figures are continously updated during the day as soon as the different Swedish regions publish their data.

Why don't you show the number of recovered cases?

There are no public statistics at the moment about recovered cases.

How do I get in touch with you?

kontakt (at) c19.se